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Happy Kids

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“HAPPY KIDS” is the name given to the Pre-Primary Wing. The classrooms interiors are designed to suit the needs of little masters.

Colourful activity room, classrooms with walls artistically painted with cartoon characters, siesta corner, audio visual aids, colourful furniture, extensive range of educational toys and story-telling sessions aim at making learning easy and motivates toddlers to come to school regularly as “HAPPY KIDS.”.

At SIS, we teach our students to dream and equip them well to fulfill them.


"SIS aims at high standards and overall development of our future generation"


Pre-Primary Wing

Pre-primary section of the school is the first step in the ladder of education and it plays a vital role in strengthening a child’s self-esteem and confidence. Learning by playing is essential. Through play and activity in versatile learning environments children expand their competence in different fields of knowledge and skills according to their age. The mission of pre-primary education is to promote children’s prerequisites for growth, development and learning.

The areas of competence for pre-primary education are:

  • Thinking and learning.
  • Cultural competence, interaction and self-expression.
  • Taking care of oneself and managing daily life.
  • Competence in information and communication technology
  • Participation and involvement
  • Kindergarten children being at the development level, their fingers and eye muscles need strengthening and co-ordination. Developing a proper pencil grip is critical to early writing skills. As kids use crayons and paintbrushes, they develop the fine motor skills needed to grasp a pencil to begin writing. Formal writing will therefore, be introduced when co-ordination justifies this. Before they write, they will have an experience with paints, brushes, crayons etc.

    kids gallery